Challenge 2023

Welcome! Bookbot is an app that helps your child as they learn to read. Using unique speech recognition, Bookbot listens to kids as they read aloud, tracks their fluency and assists them with challenging words.

We're running our first reading challenge in early 2023. To be notified of the start date for the challenge and be in the running for fabulous prizes, register your interest below.

Bookbot is free to use, so once you’ve downloaded our app, you and your child will have access to our library of  books. These books are levelled, helping each child find the right book for them to build their reading confidence.

There are two conditions of entry in the reading challenge: contest participants must read for a minimum of five hours, and only children from ages five to ten can be involved.


Minecraft gift cards

Roblox gift cards

Disney gift cards

Fidget cube toys

Gummy bear
and candy

Fidget pop it toys

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